generate a bunch of useful css class and scss function

The following list is an exhaustive list of what does us-mixin contains.

What's Included

├── mixin.scss
├── utilities.scss
├── mixins/
│ ├── animations.scss
│ ├── browser.scss
│ ├── grid.scss
│ ├── neumorphism.scss
│ ├── phoneGrid.scss
│ └── shadow.scss
└── utilities
├── animation.scss
├── color.scss
├── customize-bg.scss
├── customize-row.scss
├── display.scss
├── grid.scss (bootstrap copy)
└── reset.scss

Quick start

In the working repository

npm i @ultrastark/us-mixin@latest

Then import in the following order in you main scss file

@import 'myColor.scss';
@import '~@ultrastark/us-mixin/mixin';
@import '~@ultrastark/us-mixin/utilities';


  • us-mixin/mixin have to be imported in every scss file that needs they mixins
  • us-mixin/utilities should be imported only once. If not, it's gonna create useless classes
  • mixin and utilities work good together but you could only use one of the both if you need it

Attention If you use the color mixin and want custom color, you need another step: wiki