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Issues Name




add - create - rmv - refactor - enhance - optimize - fix - update - binds - migrate - bump - question


fileName - folderName - chore (= maintain) - global - version - i18n (= languageFile)

type - comp : explanationStepTypical exampleimage
type - page/comp : explanationStepExact componentimage
type - comp/method : explanationStepExact method or feature (for complex one)image
type - comp : (ios) explanationStepSpecial device or size (ios) (xl)image
*type - comp : explanationStep* -> more info inside of the issueimage
!type - comp : explanationStep! -> Contains error inside (Avoid using it)image
~type - comp : explanationStep~ -> Temporary fix (quick & dirty)image
type - comp.1, comp.2 : explanationStepsame task on 2 different componentsimage
type.1 - comp.1 | type.2 - componentName2 : explanationStep for componentName22 different tasks in one issue (Avoid using it)image
?type - comp : explanationStep? -> Is a question that could contain many issues that need to be discussedimage



Issues labels


LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageHighest priority. Put this before anything else#CC0033
imageHigh priority. Prioritize among other issues#FF0000
imageLower priority. Less important. do other issues that haven't any priority labels.#5CB85D
imageLowest priority. Not important. do other issues that haven't any priority labels.#7ED357


Maximum one per issues

LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageNeed to be designed#428CCA
imageActually doing design#1C507D
imageDesign that need to be controlled#428CCA
imageNeed to be develop#428CCA
imageActually doing development#1C507D
imageCode that need to be controlled#428CCA
imageCode ready, but not pushed on the master branch#428CCA
imageAlready published - deleted after reading it#428CCA


Waiting on..

LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageAnother issue is waiting for this one#ff0000
imageWaiting for something (backlog)#929292
imageNeeds API improvement to start working on it.#929292
imageWaiting something from the client (payment)#929292
imageArguing about different possibility of doing this issue#929292
imagewaiting on an another feature#929292
imageNeeds informations to start working on it.#929292
imageKnown issues, but no fix planned#929292


LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageWaiting to be labeled#35BDAD
imageNew feature that hasn't been accepted yet#35BDAD
imageAdd a new feature#C99542
imageAdd logic to the feature#7E5311
imageImprove velocity#D6703C
imageRefactor code#FAD000


LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageQuestions that needs answers but no code changes are required or issues that only require a one time action on the server#D10069
imageSearching for something (usability, ...)#D10069
imageThe issue is a question#D10069


LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageThere is a bug.#FF0000


LabelDescriptionHex Color Code
imageif needed to differentiate two main parts of a programm.#545B5E